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Pee\Hero is suitable for apartments, houses, chalets, villas or palaces. Pee\Hero Home© offers every toilet individualist a safe place for their smart phone. Reduce the risk of your phone drowning, or getting full of germs and bacteria.

Enrich a bathroom of any style with Pee\Hero of our designs. Put a unique phone saviour in a bathroom, toilet or simply next to your bathtub.


Pee\Hero is a great product for portfolio of:

  • Interior design, bathroom studios, interior design studios
  • Gift shops
  • Shops with fashion accessories
  • Designer outlets, galleries
  • Bookstores
  • Phone accessory stores
  • Souvenir shops
  • Online store of all kinds


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Contact us at hero @ peehero.com and we will prepare an individual price offer for you.

For our online sales partners we have a complete package with product pictures, descriptions and an individual price offer.

For retail stores we invented a special packaging, that is:

  • Sexy (unique triangle shape)
  • Ecological (cardboard)
  • Economical – easily stackable and storable packaging for your optimized storage

We are proud to deliver to all countries worldwide. Our products are “Made in Europe” with high standards in quality, craftsmanship and design.


Do you like Pee\Hero but want your own design?

Pick from your stylish designs or we can prepare your own. Just contact us and we will arrange a special line of designs according to your specifications. Let Pee\Hero present you, your brand or your company in this private space.

Contact us at here @ peehero.com and we will prepare a custom price offer for you.

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Where you or your customers may be, we will deliver our Pee\Hero to you.