Story PeeHero

peehero_maskot_helloOr from ZERO to Hero. OH…PeeHero 🙂

You know, we have a lot in common, but also many things differentiate us. Unnoticeably, we have popped into a new era … whether we like it or not … era, where phone is no longer laced-up to the wall, but it has become our loyal companion everywhere. At this point, let´s discuss the point that unites us. We all visit certain room few times a day. And we are not alone there!

That was the time we were struggling to figure out how to creatively place our cell phone the way to save it from falling down, drowning, scratching, stepping, licking by dog, kidnapped by cat or simply attacked by microbes!

We were tired up with never ending, non- practical, uncomfortable, weird manipulation with the phone when visiting the toilet. Thus, we came out with a unique solution how to end up such a toilet misery. We have decided to save all cell phones in the world by one simple solution.

Over plenty of hours, days and nights we have been brainstorming, testing, researching and creating tool made of stainless steel that would make your life easier. Tapes, screws, designs, cutters, boxes- miracle was born – now, it is our pleasure to introduce evolution to your toilet.

Meet Mr. Pee\Hero©- handy shelf in the toilet, where you can put your mobile phone while sitting on the toilet bowl. Moreover, you can watch movies, listen to music, play games, read news while “doing your business”. If you are brave enough, you can participate on conference calls or chat with friends.

Households just loved Pee\Hero© and companies are amazed by new way of communication with their customers.
Join us to enjoy it!

With love,

Pee\Hero© Team