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PEE\HERO© shelf + AROMA SET in one
LAVENDER HERO + AROMA SET is the latest gain in Pee\Hero family. There’s also an additional function besides the obvious one – it perfumes the whole bathroom with scented aroma oils according to your choice.

LAVENDER HERO© brings you the neverending waste fields of purple flowers, which are dancing wildly in the wind. Close your eyes and breath in the unforgattable smell of lavenders that will stay with you long after you are gone.

This exclusie novelty consists of two parts. Simply slide the wooden part onto aluminium body. The wooden part is made of spruce and is ingeniously invented to hold any essencial oil up to 15 ml (maximum standardized size). You will get an essential, 100 % natural, wild orange oil from Doterra FOR FREE. Its delicate smell will secure your room with freshness without any toxic evaporations.

LAVENDER HERO© AROMA SET is designed for those who either intentionally ignore or unintentionally forget what is happening around them, once the relief comes in the bathroom. Do you have anybody like that at home? Then do not hesitate and put the Yoga Hero Aroma set into your shopping cart.

LAVENDER HERO© AROMA SET is the latest design including fragrance, intended for smart phones and can be placed anywhere in the toilet or bathroom. Fast and super easy installation directly on the wall. It is made of a lightweight alluminium that is easy to maintain. Its design can be customized according to your own preferences and taste. Moreover, you can change the layout over the time. All components are made in Slovakia, Europe by local craftsmen.

Holder dimensions: 7  x 3 x 4 inches (18 cm x 9 cm x 10.5 cm)
Weight w/box:  0.55 lb (270 g)
Packaging: sexi triangle unique box

Aroma set contains: wooden, hand-made tray for essentail oil
colourful fabric pad for essential oil
5 ml high quality essential oil from Dottera for free

suitable for every age category


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  • Made in Slovakia (Europe)
  • Suitable for bathrooms and toilets
  • Designed for storing lightweight items

What do you get?

  • Safe Bathroom Entertainment
  • Water Damage Protection
  • Screen Protection
  • Original WC item and design


Pee\Hero© is an innovative shelf for your mobile phone that can be easily and quickly installed anywhere in your toilet or the bathroom. It comes with modern design options to match your style, and all of its components are manufactured in Slovakia (Europe) by local craftsmen.

Dimensions and weight

Length: just right
Width: fits every phone or tablet
Weight: slim, thanks for asking 😉
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My author

Katarína Žilová 

Is an architect, singer-songwriter, bass guitar player. She is a Faculty of Architecture graduate. Katarína has revealed the power of 3D visualisations during her study and started to devote her time to rendering and modelling. She was excited to accept our offer for cooperation on PeeHero project, as she could virtually make the visions real, before they have actually happened. She comes from Bratislava, but lives in Ostrava, Czech Republic. She likes riding her bike, traveling and relaxing in the garden.

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Picture: Katarína Kuchárová