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What is PeeHero© and what is it used for?

PeeHero© is an innovative bathroom holder for mobile phone placement. It can be attached anywhere in the toilet or bathroom. Quick and simple installation, modern and adjustable design according to your needs..

Who invented© PeeHero and why?

We did. Because we all visit certain room few times a day. And we are not alone there. That was the time we were struggling to figure out how to creatively place our cell phone the way to save it from falling down, drowning, scratching. We were tired up with never ending, non- practical, uncomfortable, weird manipulation with the phone when visiting the toilet. Thus, we came out with a unique solution how to end up such a toilet misery. Over plenty of hours, days and nights we have been brainstorming, testing, researching and creating tool made of stainless steel that would make your life easier. Tapes, screws, designs, cutters, boxes- miracle was born – now, it is our pleasure to introduce evolution to your toilet.

What is PeeHero´s© load capacity?

The 3M adhesive tapes can handle up to 4.5 pounds (2 kg). Screws and dowels can handle even 10 kg (these can be used for commercial areas). You can put anything else (but your phone) on the holder, however, do not exceed maximum load capacity.

Is PeeHero© a Slovak product? Who produces it?

Yes, PeeHero© is made in Slovakia by local craftsmen. Produced directly in Slovakia, graphics are manually glued on each piece; graphics is produced and designed by Aďo Juráček especially for you.

Does PeeHero© offer any other options?

We are constantly working on new designs and supplements. You can follow news on our blog.

How can I attach PeeHero© on the wall?

Each PeeHero Home© comes with 3M double-sided adhesive tape already preinstalled. After you decide where to place your holder, pull down the protective film from the adhesive tape. Attach the holder/shelf on the wall by its adhesive side. Press firmly to have it attached firmly. Done!
Each pack of PeeHero Business© which is primarily intended for use in businesses, offices, cafes and restaurants, includes screws and dowels. To install drilling is required, in order to make two holes in the wall. You can simply mark the length between the holes, as shelves have circle holes at the back so you can trace dots marked directly on the wall. Insert dowels into drilled holes, put the shelf again and secure with screws on the wall. All done!
If you decide to order PeeHero Business©, please, contact us at hero@peehero.com and we will create a special offer for you.

Can I fix PeeHero© to any surface?

If you have purchased a package containing 3M double-sided adhesive tape, so tiles will be the most suitable surface for the attachment of the holde. While plaster is the most inconvenient surface to put your holder on, as in the case of overload or removal, tape can tear down part of the plaster. When placed on other surfaces, it is necessary to treat each surface with respect to its features and potential risk of attachment/removal of the tape.
If you have purchased a package containing screws and dowels, the most ideal surface for installation is a wall, wood, plastic and any other surface where you can drill. When mounting the shelf, keep in mind the properties of the material being drilled into.

What is PeeHero© made of?

PeeHero© is made out of aluminum, with special coating and finish. The design is printed on a PVC foil placed at the upper surface of the holder adds the right design and stylish look to the holder

How to keep PeeHero© clean?

We recommend cleaning the surface with a soft disinfectant regularly or wiping it lightly with disposable wipes. Do not use wet cleaning cloth for maintenance nor strong disinfectants, as they may damage surface of the shelves.

Where can PeeHero© be stored?

Wherever dry. Material can corrode when exposed to water, or PVC surface treatment may lose its original characteristics.

How can I remove PeeHero©?

What if pieces of tape remain on tiles or the wall after detachment of PeeHero©?

Such traces can be easily purified by available detergents.

What should I do in case of a claim?

Standard 2-year warranty applies to PeeHero ©. The warranty does not cover damages caused by manual scratching, rubbing, peeling of the surface graphics or damage caused by overload, as well as damages caused by the customer. The warranty also does not apply to VHB tapes in case of overload or re-use. If you receive damaged goods, please send us the goods together with a completed Complaint form. Complaint form can be found under Terms and Conditions.

Will I be refunded in case of a claim?

If your claim is approved, we will replace the goods or refund your money, depending on which option you prefer and according to our terms and conditions.